The Role of Technology in Real Estate

The Role of Technology in Real Estate


As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented pace, it has become increasingly important for those in real estate to keep up with the latest innovations that affect the industry. However, familiarizing yourself with the ever-changing landscape of real estate technology can often be a challenge, even for the most tech-savvy of individuals. 


The Role of Technology in Real Estate


By working with a trusted brokerage like Royal LePage Team Realty, you’ll be able to make the most of the opportunities available to you, allowing you to succeed with confidence and ease. After getting to know you and the situation that you’re in, our knowledgeable agents can identify the most promising tools and applications for your specific needs. Our industry experience and expansive professional network can provide you with a wealth of resources, allowing you to streamline your process and achieve your goals, no matter if you’re a buyer or a seller.


Promotion / Awareness


In the age of the internet, digital promotion is a must. On the one hand, sellers can rest assured that their home is being promoted to as wide an audience as possible.


  • Through the MLS® system, your home is exposed to a large number of buyers browsing online.


  • Team Realty’s websites, a resource to showcase our client’s listings and any scheduled open houses, in addition to introducing our team of professional real estate agents.


  • REALTOR® social media platforms are great for promoting listings and virtual tours.


  • Many individual REALTORS® also have websites for promotion of their listings.


On the other hand, it helps buyers find a home that truly checks all of their boxes. Buyers no longer have to wonder if they’re looking at the best option available. Because of the above-mentioned services, it’s much easier than it’s ever been to find a home that meets their short and long-term goals. Through the MLS® system, buyers can filter results by location, price, beds, baths and many other features.


Staging / Showing


The process of staging and showing a home has also become more essential. This was especially true throughout the global pandemic, as many REALTORS® have adapted their practices to include virtual tours and showings, allowing buyers to experience another home from the comfort of their current one. Digitally or virtually staging a home, without materially altering the main components or the perspective of any given room, can be a useful tool for presenting a vacant home online.


Professional photography has always been an effective tool for promotion, and this is especially true now. With advanced technology like 3D cameras and the use of drones, professionals can take incredible shots of the home and property from angles otherwise impossible with a regular camera.


The Role of Technology in Real Estate


Data Gathering / Analytics


Another strength of digital promotion is that it is often trackable, allowing sellers and their REALTORS® to document any successes or shortcomings the listing may have across various platforms. Many platforms allow us to see how many people have looked at a listing, as well as information on how other competitors in your area may be doing.


Here’s what data analytics may reveal, depending upon the site:


  • Number of Views


  • Time on Page


  • Bounce Rate (How many people left quickly after viewing the listing)


  • Location of Visitors and where they originated from


  • Conversion Rate (How many took action after viewing the listing)




There are now many technology services being used by our team of real estate professionals, such as DocuSign, that allow for legal/financial documents to be completed online. This allows:


  • The ability to review and sign documents from where and when it is convenient for you.


  • Any easy way to organize and access your important files.


  • Cloud-based technology which keeps your documents backed up, preventing loss.


  • Less of an environmental impact.




We have access to a vast network of experienced professionals from a wide variety of industries — a network that technology has only strengthened. This makes it easier to help you every step of the way. If you would like to streamline your real estate process as much as possible while also finding the best results, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.


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